Intro to John at Work ⚒️

Intro to John at Work ⚒️

I am an odd boy with odd ideas, but here me out. Perhaps I can be of some value.

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Intro to John at Work ⚒️ (and this blog)
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I am an odd boy with odd ideas, but here me out. Perhaps I can be of some value.
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Jul 10, 2023
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Feb 28, 2022 11:54 AM
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This cover image is a doodle of
John Guerra
John Guerra
sitting at his desk in augmented reality, seeing and interacting with a user interface of content, apps, and ideas. The image was made using The Doodle LibrarySimple, reusable drawings.

I am an odd boy with odd ideas, but here me out. Perhaps I can be of some value.

About John at Work ⚒️

The website, this blog, and the supporting social media platforms are a space for me to ask questions, seek help, and present problems. When possible, I will also answer questions, provide help, and offer solutions.

John at Work is a project of

At the very least, it shares a root domain. But, it is more than that. John at Work is my business profile & persona. FYI: I have a life & art persona which lead to other writing and work I produce and contribute to, such as

Blog & Write

I use 3rd party blogging platforms to extend my reach and support this blog (the one you are reading this post on) and the ideas and content I share.



Social Media

Social media is just not my happy place — I like consuming, I like posting my quirky shit, but I do not always enjoy the commenting and replying. I am exploring social media options now.
Social for John at Work
Social for John at Work
to learn more.

About John

My name is John Guerra. I am an ex-restaurant professional who spent many years being the tech guy at my restaurants, while working in and eventually running the front of the house. At the same time, I built websites for local, small businesses. Many of them were restaurants, but also other local businesses. More recently, I have been working with some tech companies.
I want to help small businesses and their employees thrive in the current and future states of work. I use my design, development, research, and information skills + journalism and content creation to do so. I am an advocate, to say the least.

About Work

Work is a loaded word for me, and knowing that meaning in itself is my work. I am researching and thinking about work, the skills needed for today’s work, and the intersection of life and work. I work as as a freelancer — both digitally and in-real-life. I work helping my friends, family, and community with their homes and lives in general. By the nature of things, it is often not paid work, but the most valuable to me. I believe this work is valuable to all of us. These people are valuable to all of us.

Weblogging is my work (right now)

This blog and the other blogs I write, edit, design, develop, market for is my major focus at the moment. The majority of my work (of time plan to spent over the next few months or longer) will be on exploring content creation as a business and creative outlet.

Journalism, Content, Design, Development & Advocacy.

These skills and roles are my focus, right now.

About this Blog

Content Commitment

I am focused on sending out content often, even if not prefect. The content will be questions (I have many), information (answers, tips, how-tos), and in some cases, a form of expression Also, I believe the content should be of value to me, the creator, and if others happen to like it, then great.

I think, draft, prototype, and develop in public.

Often I post drafts and update existing content live on this and my other blogs, as I am writing them. This is my process and style. Probably bad SEO, but I can live with that.

Other Channels

I am researching, writing, and advocating across other channels and projects by

How can you help?

Witness my journey, help me discover my value, and support my work, if you can.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

Chat with me (or my bot) 🤖

Oh. One more thing…

Be easy on yourself. Jobs are hard. Business is hard. Work is hard. Life is hard.

Help support my work.

I do not run ads, sell shit, or have sponsors. (I am exploring affiliate links)

Tip Me! (one-time or monthly)

Written by

John Guerra
John Guerra

I am a thinker, designer, developer, maker/breaker, and writer at John at Work ⚒️.



Actions to take 🤙🏽

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See my notes (coming soon)
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